Monster Matchmaker

For my senior capstone, I pitched, led, and helpt to create a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition encounter generator and monster finder application available both via an Alexa skill and website. Our project was one of only two student led projects approved by the professors for our graduating class, and won both first place for Best Poster Design award and second place for Best Overall Project of the year.

Our project relied heavily on AWS, and we used services including but not limited to AWS Amplify, Lambda, API Gateway, MongoDB, and the Alexa Developer's Console. Our website's UI was created using JavaScript and React.

Our website includes two main features -- an encounter builder and monster search. The encounter builder takes into account things like player level, monster type, and difficulty of the encounter. It will then return a series of monsters that match the parameters in sets of two to sets of twenty. The monster finder is intended to return monsters that fit parameters, but does not take into account player levels.

The Alexa skill has three functions -- a help function, a random monster function, and a monster finder function. See the Alexa skill in action with the video below.

The team for this project included the following poeple: