Brandae Grein

Former teacher turned Software Engineer based in Redmond, WA

Currently a Junior Sofware Developer at Kardin Systems


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About Me

Hello there! I am a software engineer with a background in virtual reality and Unity development.

Prior to my career in software, I worked in education for twelve years. I started by working in the Woodland Park Zoo in their Zoo Corps program. Over the years, I've been a public presentor, a preschool teacher, an afterschool teacher, and even did a bit of guest lecturing at Bellevue College. I still greatly enjoy teaching, and you'll often find me at hackathons as a mentor instead of a participant. To date, I have mentored at over nine different hackathons. I also volunteer my time with the IGDA Foundation helping out with the Diverse Game Developers program, a six-week online program to help people of marginalized backgrounds pursue careers in the games industry.

Outside of work hours, I am passionate about game design and creation, and in my free time I enjoy branching out to learn new skills. I jump on game jams to create 2D and 3D game projects in both Unity and Unreal Engine. I also frequent networking events, chatting to some of my friends about the latest in gaming news. On weekends you can find me either as the Dungeon Master for a 5th Edition D&D campaign that I am running for my friends, or watching the sunset with the household goat, Lucky.


Feel free to reach out and contact me. You can reach me via Twitter, or my LinkedIn.